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Welcome to Israel Lights!

This website came into being due to a vision I had over 33 years ago. I had been saved about a month, and my wife and I attended a Christian concert at a local college. The singers were called the Continental Singers. They sang using voices and sign language. When we went in, we had to go down a flight of stairs. After going down the stairs I told my wife that I could hear chains dragging down the stairs behind us. The devil wanted to chain me again. During one of the songs, while we were all standing, with our arms stretched heavenward, I saw the most beautiful Cross! It was 3-D and made up of perfect cubes. Each cube was a different color. It was the very heart of God, pulsating before my eyes! With every pulsating beat, it became brilliant! C.S. Lewis stated the same premise when he wrote that "the most important difference between Christianity and all other religions (is that) in Christianity God is not a static thing... but a dynamic, "pulsating" activity, a life..." There were 12 cubes. One for each of Israel's 12 sons. Jesus is our High Priest Forever! Luke 1:33 declares this about Jesus, "and He will reign over the house of Jacob FOREVER; and His Kingdom will have no end." Just as Josephs father (Jacob) made him a multicolored coat, God also has placed a multicolored coat upon His Son. A coat of many colors that declares His love, and sacrifice for Israel, and all those that He has predestined to eternal life. If you hear His voice, today, trust Him to save you, and trust that He will finish what He has started in your life. For you see, Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life!!

You might think that there is no hope for you, but there is!! Christ shed His Blood for you! You might think it was by "chance" that you came upon this site, but not so. God does not work by "chance." He works with complete Power and knowledge. Today is the day of salvation for you! I am trusting Him to give you a hunger and a desire to know the truth! Ask Him to wash you clean from all sin, with His precious Blood, that He shed for you upon the Cross! The Holy spirit will teach you all things pertaining to salvation. He will convict you of sin. Once He has done that, He will show you that Jesus took all of your sin upon Himself while on the Cross! He will cause you to trust Him for all of your needs. You have received a Kingdom that "cannot" be shaken!!!! Write and let me know if God has given you a brand new life. If Christ is first in your life everything will work out!

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